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Hi! My name is McKel Hill!

Despite my work as a Dietitian Nutritionist, the Nutrition Stripped lifestyle is all about nourishing all pillars of health including fitness! With my schedule, like so many of yours, being crazy busy, I'm all about trying to squeeze in a quick workout anywhere I can. I wanted to share with you a 20 minute exercise routine you can do at home, outside, at the park, at the gym, etc.; grab a friend or do it solo! 

20 minute workout! 

Reverse lunge jumps | 15 each side 

    Pile Squat (optional to stand on the balls of your feet for added instability and challenge)

      Wall sit | 45-60 second hold 

        Tricep Dips (optional to raise leg for added instability and challenge)

          Finish it with a round of these stretches, try to hold each one for at least 30 seconds:

          Front quad stretch

          Side leg, inner leg stretch 

            Chest Opener

            Do each exercise at 15 reps x 4 times through with a 60 second jump rope session, jumping jacks, or other cardio activities in between the circuit.

            Rest when needed in between circuits before starting over. 

            Be sure to refuel and replenish after any workout, I've been loving my Kale Lime Lemonade or the Replenish Smoothie from the Nutrition Stripped Cookbook!

            They're both a great balance of electrolytes to rehydrate and keep you energized after. 

            You can follow and keep up to date with McKel on InstagramSnapchat, her blog, and her cookbook!

            If you live in Nashville, she's having a cookbook launch party Friday August 26th at 6-8pm CT at White's Mercantile in 12th S. You can read more about it here




            Photography: Sara Kiesling
            Creative Direction: Emily Neikam
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