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If you've ever been rock climbing at Climb Nashville you can thank Carrie Brock and husband Lance for that! A wife, mother, entrepreneur and Nashville native with impeccable taste here on the blog today to give us a little behind the scenes of her lovely home and creative oasis.

As newlyweds, Carrie Brock & husband Lance decided to quit jobs in marketing & architecture (respectively) to open up Climb Nashville in 2003. After 13 years of marriage, 4 children, and 3 home renovations, they have decided to come together in a new home & design venture - The Simple Sketchbook (website forthcoming).  They are passionate about helping clients find innovative solutions to renovation and interior projects by merging Lance's meticulous eye for detail and Carrie's unique perspective on design. Plus, they are always scouting out locations for more gyms near you. Any requests?

I asked Carrie a few questions about her design inspiration, favorite pieces in her home, and behind the scenes of the home of a Nashville Creative:

1) My style in 3 words...I'm very hard to nail down. I'm really a style mashup. But I'm going to go with "Neo-Traditional Collected Comfort." A lot of people might squeeze the word "eclectic" in there, but that seems a little bit too confining for me.

2) My biggest piece of advice in developing your own style is not to be tempted by the latest style craze. Sure, be totally inspired by what's out there - both the new and the old. But stay true to your gut. If you love pink, follow that instinct. Yes, one day it will be in and one day it will be out. But if you truly love it, a shift in trends can't take that away from you. A home should be a unique reflection of who you are, so don't get caught up in trying to be like someone else.

3) Picking a favorite piece from my home is really hard for me. Probably my art. I love being surrounded by art. I don't care at all if it has any value or not. All I care about is how it makes me feel. Second to my art is the dining room table from my childhood home. It's worn out and beat up, but I have 4 kids and the thing is indestructible. I think people enjoy walking into a home that is pretty but not precious. That's what I hope they feel when they are in our home.

4) Behind the scenes at my home looks like an ever evolving series of projects and messes being made. I love it when my kids play hard, explore & create. Plus, I'm always starting a new design project, or craft of some kind. We clean up at the end of the day, but at 7:03 am, all the kids are awake and the place is a wreck again. Messes don't stress me out (typically). We designed & built this house, so we created a lot of organizational spaces and systems to help. But messes are part of life and certainly part of parenthood.

5) I feel most at peace and alive in the mountains. Can I say that?

I love how she mixes neutrals with prints & bohemian elements with traditional southern design.

Carrie's kitchen feel fresh and clean with fun pops of color with flowers, plants and cute little bowls for cookie time with her girls.

Craft time with the littles!

Don't you want to just snuggle up in that bed and sleep late on a Saturday morning?

What a sweet and creative soul. Thank you for sharing your home with us!

xoxo Kimberly

photos by Ari Davidson

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