Wild & Free: 5 Effortless Hairstyles for Adventurers

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Being the free-spirited adventurer that we know you are,

you may not have the most time to sit down and perfect your 'do

We are here to help you with a few simple solutions for those hair worries.


Now, go explore this beautiful world and embrace your untamed locks, ladies! 

 - The Side Crown Braid  -

A perfect look for frolicking in Fields.

Starting at your middle part grab the top section of your hair and begin french braiding until you reach
just above your ear. Finish with a few bobby pins and loosely pull apart the braid to make a more
full look. Spray a little Sea Mist throughout your ends and tousel it to messy perfection!


- Side Crown Braid with Quick Waves-

A look perfect for the Sea.

Keep your crown braid in from yesterday and add a few curls to glam up the look.
Using a wave curl wand this look takes less than 10 minutes.

- The Half Top-Knot -

A look perfect for the Desert.

It has become an absolute favorite. Using the curls you put in yesterday (and a little dry shampoo at your roots), loosely split your hair into two sections
leaving more hair on the bottom section. Form a tight or loose bun on top and pin it into whatever shape you prefer. 
Ditch the brush & keep it untamed with a little Sea Mist and a whole lot of tousling.

- Side Crown with Fishtail Braid -

A look perfect for the Forest.

Pulling all of your hair to the side you chose for the Crown Braid, split your hair into two sections.
Begin criss-crossing hair from side to side to create a Fishtail Braid.
After you finish with an elastic, loosely pull apart the Fishtail Braid for fullness. 

- The Half Crown Twist -

A look perfect for the Sea.

Begin by dividing your hair into two sections starting at your part.
Twist the sections together with the front piece over the back.  
Once you reach the middle of your head, use two bobby pins to keep the twist in place.
Repeat on the other side bringing both twists together to form your crown! 



And just like that, you have elegant yet effortless hairstyles! 

Let us know which styles you love, adventurers!

Post photos and tag us on Instagram using the hashtag #SNBeauty so we can see your work!

xo, Emily


Model: Sarah Ritter
Styling: Emily Neikam
Photographer: Alaina Mullin


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