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Introducing The Most Perfect Paraben-Free Lotion



With the chill of the winter season we all long for the coziest of moments throughout our day. 
Whether it be a cup of coffee in your hand, lighting a nice candle, or even just applying lotion
after the frigid air hits your skin, we will find warmth.  Our newest line of lotions
from Illume is skin-quenching and carries a blend of natural oils and butters.
Mango, cocoa butters, rich jojoba, and avocado oils form the perfect recipe for hydration. And
because we want you to keep your skin in tip-top condition, these beautiful products are
paraben-free, non-greasy, never tested on animals and carry no animal ingredients!


We have chosen scents to be signature for each section inspired by nature in our store. Now it is time to find which scent will be signature to you!

We hope you love them as much as we do,



"She never meets a stranger & is full of life, love, and adventure.
The sea holds endless possibilities for her, a passageway to exotic cultures & new lands.
She has a connection to the vastness that is yet to be explored."


Dive headfirst into an oasis of all things good for you. A watery infusion of sweet agave,
cool mint leaves, and sea-salty citrus muddled with peppery ginger and warm sand musk.



"Something about a drive through the desert makes her heart feel alive.
She is independent, confident, and has a tenacity for life."



A welcome refuge reminiscent of the desert at dusk, when the sun dips over the horizon.
A warm, earthy fusion of bergamot, tobacco flower, golden amber and sandalwood.


"The crunch of leaves beneath her feet and thrill of summiting a mountain make her heart smile. 
She has a soft spot for woodland adventures and finds peace when surrounded by trees."


Follow closely as we forage for the wildest of delicacies with a rebellious
romp in the woods. Cool, wet earth and green moss notes combine with airy
eucalyptus, herbaceous lavender, dewy forest flowers, and deep, resinous woods.



"The wide openness of a meadow makes her feel free with a crown of flowers upon her head.
Her heart is tender and her love is deep."


Pack your weekender, and don't forget the cashmere. This deliciously urbane scent elevates
comfort to an art form. Juicy mandarin, rose essence and night-blooming jasmine
blend with inky tonka bean, salted musk, creamy sandalwood and smoky Madagascar vanilla.


So which one will win your heart?

Or better yet...your nose? 

Warmest Regards,
Shop the collection here-
Amber Dunes
Chantrelle Moss
Tonka Noir


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