The Natural Beauty Secret You've Never Tried

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Your newest natural beauty obsession is in the produce aisle and you've probably avoided it on every grocery store run! Meet the unassuming root from the earth that will give you that healthy glow you've been wanting after a long winter. 

I wanted to share something with you today I discovered during a recent juicing kick. I randomly grabbed a beet to juice the other day because after years of thinking I hated them, I figured I'd give them another chance. I still don't like them, but when I sliced into it, I discovered something totally amazing. I had no idea this ugly root had the most beautiful hues of pinkish red juice inside. It stained my fingers the prettiest colors, lasted all day, and so I figured a little experimenting was in order! 

I don't know about you, but after a long, long winter I'm tired of feeling like a corpse and want a little natural, sun kissed dewy glow. After doing some experimenting with the beets I found the easiest way to incorporate this secretly beautiful root into any beauty routine as a lip and cheek stain. Here's how!

Slice the beet into 1 inch circular slices. Then slice an X across each circular beet round to create 4 pie shaped slices. Isn't that juice the prettiest color?!

Be careful not to touch any of the pieces you've just cut because it will stain your fingers and it will last all day. That's good for the next part of this tutorial, but not good for your fingers. So grab a paper towel to wrap around it and pick it up. 

Cutting it in these little pie-shaped pieces is key because it gives you that perfect little point for precision on one side and a round sweeping shape on the other side. Now it's time to apply it! Hold it with the paper towel on the wide end to where the point is facing out. Apply it on your lips in a light dabbing motion and take care to stay within the lines of your lips as it acts just like a lip stain and does just that...stain.

You can change the color by how many layers you put on. A light layer will be a soft fresh pink and the more layers you add will create a deep pinkish red depending on the beet.

Next is a little on the cheeks to give you that sun kissed glow. This part takes a little practice to get it just right, so try it one day when you're just hanging around the house. I used both sides of the slice to get a natural glow look. The rounded side to start off with at the base of my cheekbone and then a little of the straight edge at the top to define.

Add a tiny bit of powder or foundation over top of it to smooth it out, especially if it's too bright. Then you'll have a beautiful "glow from within" look to be a natural babe ready for spring. 

Store all your little precut slices in a tupperware container or mason jar so you'll be ready to use throughout the week. You'll probably be able to just get one use out of each slice. Share your photos with us on Instagram so we can see how you used it in your natural beauty routine. Use @sistersofnature to tag us and the hashtag #sistersofnaturebeauty so we can repost! Have fun.

xoxo Kimberly


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