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Hello lovely people! I’m Ashley, and I run a little social experiment called Love Everywhere based in East Nashville, Tennessee.

The meaning behind our name and brand was born out of my favorite quote from the incomparable Mother Teresa: 

“Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.”

My heart beats to be a positive and uplifting influence in my community and beyond by leaving hidden notes of kindness all over town, in hopes that whoever finds them will be encouraged. 

I've been leaving these notes on my own since 2009, but since we launched our website in February of 2014 we have been able to distribute over 5,000 encouragement notes with help from our stellar team of ambassadors all across the world! 

The cool thing about our project is that each card is hand stamped and numbered for tracking purposes; and each message is hand written, something that is sort of a lost art form these days. Another fun factor to what we do is the potential for each individual card to travel the world as note finders "pay it forward" and are able to become part of the story. 

I’m excited to share with you the 3 easy steps to sharing Love Everywhere:

1- CREATE: Gather with your friends or take a quiet moment for yourself and pull out your favorite pen, markers, paints and get creative! Write out your favorite positive affirmation, quote or make up your own uplifting phrase.

2- EXPLORE: Go out into your community—your favorite local coffee shop, a record store you frequent, the library….any place you go to feel inspired—or simply just the places you go every day—and leave a card hidden in plain sight for someone else to find.

3- DROP: Once you’ve found the perfect hiding spot, leave your note like the stealthy fox you are, and your job is done! Someone will soon discover it, and it might just make their whole day a little bit brighter.

Just this Spring we have branched out to offer uplifting and encouraging products, like our Fine & Good pennant, that provide a constant reminder that sharing love with others begins with YOU.

Be kind to yourself and remember that no matter what happens in life’s chaos, you don’t have to be defined by your circumstance. Let this pennant be your reminder to extend kindness and love to yourself, you are indeed fine and good.

 We are so excited to join Love Everywhere on their mission to spread love & kindness.

With every pennant purchase you will receive a pack of note cards to drop around your city!  

Pre-order one of these inspiring pennants on our online store now!





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Photos by- Alaina Mullin
Founder of Love Everywhere- Ashley Reale
Creative Direction- Emily Neikam
Models- Chloe Hall & Aubre Bledsoe 





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