Local Love Spotlight: Amelia's Flower Truck

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Hi! We love supporting local business especially if they're run by incredibly talented women like our sweet friend, Mattie Bush, of St. Augstine, Florida. Mattie moved to Nashville & started her very own flower truck business! We sat down with Mattie and asked her a few questions and we would love to share her story with you!

What is the story behind starting Amelia's Flower Truck?

I always knew that I wanted to open a business that reminded me of my travels and out of that, Amelia’s Flower Truck was born in March of 2016. Something I have always loved about traveling to big cities like New York, London, Paris and Milan is the accessibility of Flowers. Buying flowers in these cities is as easy as walking home from work, and i’ve admired and envied that aspect of being there. It’s about time Nashville has that too.

What places have most influenced you in your travels?

I traveled around consistently for a good 4 years and there are so many places that I love. I'd have to say that Madrid, Spain and Paros, Greece hold a special place in my heart because I actually got to live there and dive into the culture over a long period of time. I knew I wanted the truck to have some European influences which is where the name Amelia came into play. Amelia is a very french name, so I would say France has influenced the truck the most. I even have old French music playing at the truck when you buy flowers. 

What is your favorite part about having a flower truck?

The community that has been built around it. I've loved making connections with people on the truck and helping bring joy to people's days. I've helped people celebrate, start new beginnings, grieve and heal since opening the truck and it has been such a lovely experience. 

What do you want our readers to know about Amelia's?

Amelia's Flower Truck is more than just buying flowers, it's a unique experience that can be only found in Nashville.


Photos by: Leslee Mitchell & Seiji Inouye 

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