DIY: Indigo Dip Dye

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We love this indigo dip trend right now so much so that we wrote out a DIY on how you can do it at home! Let us know how it worked for you & tag your pictures with #SistersofNatureDIY!


Indigo Dye (we used two different Rit dyes to make the perfect shade of Indigo; blue denim and black)

2 Buckets (one for dyeing, one for rinsing.  5 gallon buckets are ideal)

Rubber gloves

Any item that you are interested in dip dyeing such as: pillow cases, pillow shams, curtains, tops, pants, duvet covers, cloth napkins, and any fabric item that is a solid light neutral color. 


This DIY is best done outside!

Wear clothes that can get messy!

Step One:

Fill both of your buckets with ideally 3 gallons of water. 


Step Two:

Add a full bottle of blue denim Rit Dye mixed with about 4 capfuls of black dye to your "Dye" bucket. Make sure you mix the dye and water together well.  You can adjust the amount of dye used to get the perfect shade that you are wanting.

Note:  When you mix the dye in the water, it can appear to be a deep purple color when it is actually Indigo.  Use test strips of scrap fabric to make sure you are getting the color you want.

Step Three:

Time to dip!

Certain fabrics take dye differently than others, some will take the color really quickly, while others take a little longer.  Usually 100% Cotton fabrics work really well for projects of this nature.  Hold you fabric in the dye at your desired height.  Make sure the fabric is taking in the dye evenly while you are dipping. 

You can hold your fabric in the dye as long as you want for your desired color.  I recommend at least 5-10 minutes, even if the fabric appears to be taking in dye quickly.  Some fabrics may take up to an hour.


Step Four:  

Rinse your fabric in the second bucket of water.  Hold the fabric in the water and move it around to make sure that it is getting rinsed in full. When you bring it out of the water, squeeze out the excess dye. Do this until the water runs out clear. 

Note:  When you do this, your color will fade.  If it fades lighter than your liking, put it back into the dye.  You can repeat this as many times as you need to.  You may even want to rinse your fabric with soap and water to make sure all the excess dye is out.


Step Five:

Let it dry! The color will lighten a little as your piece dries.  If it is light than you desire, simply re-dye it!

These cloth napkins have us excited to plan another outdoor event ASAP! ;)



Photography: Liv DeHaan
Model, Writer, & DIY Queen: Alex Cantrell

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