A Note From Our Founder W

Kimberly Parker
Founder/ Designer
I grew up in South Carolina where we spent our days playing dress up with a box full of vintage dresses, exploring wide open fields and catching fireflies at night. It was a small town, but my mom wanted me to see more than just our little town and took me all around the world. She taught me how to dive into the culture of the places we visited, to love people fully and care about their lives. 
After visiting nearly every state in the US and countries all around the world, it's no wonder I knew I had to create a socially responsible clothing brand.  Every place I've visited has left some sort of impression on me and changed my life in some way. I couldn't possibly travel to India, Honduras, or even a little reservation in Arizona, see the beautiful hearts and handiwork of their culture and then have a supply chain that exploits those very people.  
When I started Sisters of Nature in 2013, I wanted to create a brand that embodied the woman who still runs through wildflower fields in pretty dresses, travels the world and loves people well. It's that sense of adventure that's always been in me that led me to create a brand for the free spirited woman who cares about how her clothes are made. Any time anyone asks me what my design aesthetic is, I just think about myself as that little girl playing with all the pretty dresses from our dress up box, running around exploring, wild and free with the wind in my hair. I love to design feminine, bohemian pieces that make a woman feel special and beautiful. 

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